The new MUD book is out!

March 6, 2017

I'm happy to let everyone know that my new MUD book is out!  If you enjoy reading my column in Guide magazine you're going to like this book...


It's called MUD: Off-Road Discoveries


Here are 128 pages of full color MUD!  It's filled with fun, fabulous, and sometimes bizarre facts on edible bugs, barnacles, bears, and a bunch of other fascinating stuff!  


Did you know that:



     -The catfish has more than 27,000 taste buds?


     -That it's possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs?


     -That snails can sleep for 3 years without eating?


     -That bats always turn left when exiting a cave?


There are tons of other cool facts and information about some of coolest nature in the world, all created by our super awesome God!  

The book is in full color on every page too!  It includes--


     -Nature world records


     -Bizarre things in nature


     -Science experiments and even a recipe!


     -and much more!  


You can get them online, by calling 1-800-765-6955, or they will soon be available at your local ABC store! I hope you get one so you can see how all of nature has been wonderfully designed by our loving Creator!


The point of this book is to get kids excited about God's second book, NATURE. What better way to get to know God than by appreciating the things He's created?




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